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You can print out the Safety Orientation and Release documents below, fill them out and bring them in with you, to expedite the orientation process.  The test is not pass or fail, rather it is to identify areas of concern that we need to address.  If you have any questions while filling out the orientation, please jot them down so as to help you to remember them.

Download and print out both documents

Read the orientation, fill out the test and sign the waiver/release

Watch the Range Safety and Etiquette Video

Bring the completed forms with you to PDHSC,

We look forward to seeing you there!

Safety Orientation              Waiver/Release    

Password is not required just hit continue twice!   

For many that first trip to the shooting range can be intimidating. This short video is a great introduction to firearms safety rules and etiquette at the indoor range and for experienced shooters a great reminder. Remember, firearms safety depends on you.

Click Below to watch the required Range Safety and Etiquette Video

Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette - Firearm Safety - YouTube


Note:  If Video doesn't start copy the link below and paste into your browser


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