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We have two separate Indoor Ranges:

RANGE ONE, Where each firing point is a bullet proof booth, isolating one shooter from another while allowing Safety and Range Officers unrestricted visibility.  Firing points are wide enough to accommodate shooters in wheel chairs or a shooter and a coach in virtually any conventional shooting position.  Sound deadening material covering the floors and walls reduces the noise level both inside and outside the firing area.

AIR QUALITY,  Our 100% FRESH AIR makeup and climate control system assures your shooting pleasure and you long term health.  The negative effects of lead exposure is a real safety concern.  We have learned from industry experts that no amount of filtering can remove all of the lead and smelly contaminants created when a firearm is discharged.  PDHSC therefore invested in a system that brings in a constant supply of FRESH outside air, filters it and then blankets the shooting area with a wall of fresh air that carries all smoke/lead and other contaminants down range AWAY FROM THE SHOOTER.  The result is a shooting enviroment that is not only comfortable but cleaner and healthier than shooting in a facility that recycles smokey/lead laden air or even and outdoor range where the wind will often blow the contaminants back onto the shooter.  Many indoor ranges will recirculate the contaminated air over and over creating a hazardous condition for the shooters.   


The computer controlled "IPTR" Interactive Practical Training Range is like no other and is now open for training, competition, practice or just fun.  The interactive moving target system provides a challenge for every level of expertise.  Every aspect of real world self defense scenarios can be recreated to provide unparalleled training opportunities.  With the open floor design barricades, walls, barrels, doors and other props can be used to create stages that allow you to move to and from cover and shoot from multiple positions.

Both ranges accommodate the firing of most standard pistol and revolver cartridges up to and including the 500 S&W magnum,  in both handguns and long guns chambered for standard pistol calibers.   No high powered rifle, bottlenecked ammo or shotguns allowed.  Exception (357 sig, etc.)









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