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Solid Bronze Breech Loading Mortar with Adjustable Elevation

This ingenious sliding breech lock design uses a 10 ga Black Powder Blank

Will send a golf ball out of sight!  Very Loud

Easy to Fire and Easy to Clean.

10"L x 5" w  Bore 1.7" Diameter



This BNA replica is the 10 gauge model of a late 19th c pattern Naval deck cannon in a swivel mount with adjustable Elevation. Fires readiliy available10 Gauge Black Powder Blanks  (VERY LOUD).  The replica is machined from solid stainless steel shaft stock. Length  15” overall length, 4” width,    Includes  stainless mount to be used in a post or the railing of a vessel.  These have been sold to distinguished Yachting Clubs and Vessels all over the world.   Great for 4th of July, New Years or any other celebration requiring a loud salute!

Do not confuse with lesser quality machinings or castings, These are built to ordnance standards for safety and reliability

PRICE $3,500,   SALE PRICE   $1895

Shipping and Insurance Included   

B.N.A. Machined Bronze Eprouvette Mortar (Golf Ball Size)  Alloy 464 Naval Bras, also known as Tobin Brass, is an excellent bar stock material for mortars due to its superior quality.  It is also highly corrosion resistant.    Weight is 9.25 lbs, Heigth is 5" length 5.75" width 3.5", comes mounted to a wooden base approx 8" x 12" x 2"           SALE PRICE $395

B.N.A. Machined Stainless Steel Eporuvette Mortar, More than adequate strength to withstand unlimited blank firing loads, but still, Stainless steel is the strongest material of all the B.N.A. Mortars.  Virtually indestrucable.  They are crafted from marine grade SS, high tensile strength 3.25" propeller shafting.  Height is 5" length is 5.75" width 3.5" and weight is 8.6 lbs

Mounted on finished wooden base approx 8" x 12" x 2" (not shown)  Sale Price $595 delivered

“B.N.A. Eprouvettes” are custom made castings, manufactured to stringent quality standards exclusively for Beaufort Naval Armorers. The original Eprouvette Mortar design was used in the 1700's and 1800's for testing and grading of black powder. The following three mortars are the only B.N.A. cannon type or style that is produced from castings. All other BNA signal cannons and replica cannons are machined and manufactured from rolled shaft stock.

B.N.A. Mortars are a convenient size, heavy duty, high quality, and great fun to fire!  They are louder than any gun or signal cannon and they can be blank fired. The bore in all three styles of BNA mortars are lathe bored to be 1.7” nominal. This assures the structural integrity as well as a clean smooth bore. The powder chamber and vent are then machined. The ‘BNA Original Cast Iron Eprouvettes’ are slightly larger that the ‘BNA Bronze Eprouvettes’. (Other size BNA mortars besides the following three would be custom orders.)





Older Signal Cannon on Wooden Carriage, 1.73" Bore (Golf Ball Size), Muzzle Loader

Send a golf ball out of sight with a loud report

1805 H.M.S. Victory Reproduction

Barrel Length 20.5 " Overall Length 24", Width 17", Overall Height 16"

Price $2200,  Sale Price $1050

Shipping and insurance included


TO COMMEMORATE THE "PEPSI AMERICAS' SAIL" and the TALL SHIPS COMING TO BEAUFORT NC in July of 2006, Beaufort Naval Armorers (BNA) has commissioned a very limited Number of these very collectable Muzzleloading Signal Cannons.

REPLICA of the DECK GUNS on the USS CONSTITUTION of 1812, originals were 18 lb bored to 24 lbs.

Fully Functional

There are no better quality replica cannons being manufactured!

Complete with protective carry case and

custom made Accoutrements, $3000


Barrel is Approx 19" Long, Caliber is .95

Carriage is made of Beautiful American Walnut

Machined from solid high strength, rolled bar stock shafting material.

464 Naval Brass (Ordinance Grade)

Complete with safety and firing instructions

VERY LOUD REPORT & Brilliant White Cloud of Smoke!

Decibel Rating in excess of 121 dB

Report can be moderated by varying charge.

Case measures 24"L x 12"W x 14"H

About Beaufort Naval Armorers

Signal Cannons and Replica Cannons
for races, celebrations, and marine communication…

Engineered and pressure tested for strength, reliability, and extra loud reports, there are no better quality replica cannons being manufactured than Beaufort Naval Armorers’ cannons. BNA cannons are superior quality and classy… the “Rolls Royce” of signal cannons. There have been no complaints about BNA quality in 25 years! BNA cannons have a Lifetime Warranty on machined parts which have been properly maintained and not abused.

BNA cannons are individually machined from bronze or stainless steel shaft stock, and occasionally ordnance steel. BNA cannons can be manufactured as black powder muzzle loaders, or breech-loaders. Breech-loaders fire shells. Several breech mechanism designs are available. Breech-loaders retain the appearance of muzzle loaders with the loading mechanisms being hidden. The cannon barrels may be swivel mounted or mounted in a carriage. The most requested barrel style is traditional English pattern. Swivel mounted cannons are usually installed in a bushing on a rail (ship or porch). They can be stored or displayed in a wooden base.

Beaufort Naval Armorers’ cannons are individually custom made, they are not production items. They are individually signed artisan items and highly collectible. This means that the buyer can select the shape of the barrel, the way in which it is mounted – swivel or carriage, metal type, size, breech type, and special requests can be accommodated as well as custom accoutrements being available.




1820 Breech Loading Carronade

Fires 10gauge Black Powder Blanks

(Very Loud)


of the Deck Guns on The USS CONSTITUTION of 1812

Carriage is from Pecan reclaimed from a turn of the century bridge in coastal North Carolina.


This cannon is a 10 gauge replica of a 24-pounder “USS Constitution” of 1812.
(Dimensions: 3” shaft stock diameter, 22” overall length, 10” overall width in carriage, 27 lbs. approximate weight (in wooden carriage). The piece can be produced in either bronze (shown) or stainless steel to rest in an oak naval carriage of the type originally used for firing cannons from a ship deck. The carriages have non-marring acetal wheels and are equipped with rings for lashing making them suitable for firing aboard a boat with no additional chocking. Our carriages have over 150 hand-crafted parts assembled using West System marine epoxy resin glue and the solid bronze appointments are individually machined, polished and lacquered.

B.N.A. Cannon Trunions
The manufacturing technique for Beaufort Naval Armorers’ cannon trunions is a trade secret. The trunions cannot be removed. The trunions’ design varies between the styles of cannons, but all function according to mature modern ordnance design. All B.N.A. trunions have passed ‘extreme’ high pressure testing 100% of the time.

All parts of a B.N.A. cannon are machined* from solid high strength bar stock/ rolled shafting material . There are no castings of any B.N.A. cannon parts including the trunions. B.N.A. uses ordnance grade or marine grade bronze or brass and ordnance grade or marine grade stainless steel for all cannon parts. Beaufort Naval Armorers uses modern ordnance engineering techniques. Quality, safety, and beauty are the three primary manufacturing goals.

*There is one exception to our rule that all B.N.A. cannons and cannon parts are machined from solid shaft and bar stock…
B.N.A. offers a custom made high strength cast manganese bronze Eprouvette Mortar design. This model is a 10 gauge breechloader replica of an English Swivel Cannon. (Dimensions: 3”shaft stock diameter, 18”overall length, 22 lbs. approximate weight
in wooden base). The replica can be produced in either bronze (shown) or stainless steel to rest in a wooden base or for bushing mounting in a post or railing on a vessel.

This is a breech load Signal Cannon that shoots 38 special blanks (sold)


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